Mother’s Day Flower Guide

Gifting flowers on mother’s day

mothers flowers arrangement

Understanding the logic behind selecting flowers

If you have made up your mind of gifting a beautiful bouquet to your mother drenched with your love and feelings, you must be knowing which flower should be the ideal gift for her. It’s pretty simple that you would try to know her favorite so that your gift could bring smile to her face. Your logic is quite acceptable, as on receiving her favorite flowers that too on mother’s day will take her to the top of the world. Apart from this favorite concept, there is a wonderful way of saying thousand words through flower. Every flower has got some kind of hidden meaning in it, and it’s not only the spicy of the flower which leads to the variation of meaning, but also the color leads to newer meanings.

Beauty of carnation

Let’s start off with taking a leap back in time. The beautiful flower of carnation is related to Virgin Mary. The popular beliefs say that on lose of Jesus, when Mother Mary shed tears, those tears gave birth to carnation on falling upon the ground. The beautiful meaning that carnation has got, makes it the perfect flower to be gifted to your mother. The lovely Christian story carried with the carnation makes it the perfect gift.

The magnificent roses

Next best could be roses. Ideal for all occasion roses are the most preferred flowers for any situation. The roses have a long connection with motherhood. These magnificent flowers have got a lot of significance as various cultures have got different meanings. Mostly Virgin Mary are seen to be represented by roses. The purity associated with roses help them speak the language of love between a mother and a child.

Cuteness of lilacs

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The pretty and cute lilacs are the elegant choice for mother’s day. The flower stands boldly for love. The clear meaning of love is brought by love which signifies the endless love between you and your mom. Lilacs are so pretty and adorable; anybody would love to receive them as gift. The flower for all occasion is lily. They are not exclusively presented to someone, that's the reason florists use lily with other flowers in making up a complete love package of flowers. The steaks of lily with other flowers in a bouquet enhance the beauty of the bunch. Now after learning which flower could be the best for your mom, you should try giving the bouquet a personal touch. You can put your own inputs to make the bouquet even more wonderful for your mom. She would love to see the care and time you have taken to gift her some of the most beautiful things on earth. You could possibly also take help from florists as they have special arrangement for occasions like mother's day. The florists try to sell you their services so that you could send the best to your mom, show her how much she means to you. The flowers could also be an attempt to say her thank you, for all the trouble that she took for you. Nothing in the world could say thanks for her love and care, but at least flowers could express how you feel for her.